NDR “Play Jazz” introduced the new FOR FREE HANDS CD!

Christian Erber from the radiostation NDR introduced in the broadcast „Play Jazz“ the NEW FOR FREE HANDS CD „Kaleidoskope Freedom“.

Christian Erber NDR : “ … Europe is growing together and a quartet from Berlin provides the soundtrack . For Free Hands combine modern jazz arrangements with traditional sounds and rhythms of the Balkans. “Kaleidoscope Freedom“ is the fourth studio album of the German -Bulgarian- Greek ensembles. A title that hearing – 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall – can comprehend as a statement for freedom. But also as a call to stand up for the human values it alive . Because “ there is no freedom , without mutual understanding “ quotes the band the French philosopher Albert Camus. Bandleader and guitarist Andreas Brunn adds: “Kaleidoscope Freedom” stands for the color diversity of our music – and for the different perspectives of liberty. “ A native of Weimar knows what he ‘s talking about. After he had to spend several months in a prison of the state security as a teenager , the music paved him the way back to freedom . After the fall of the Berlin Wall , which he witnessed first hand as a student and several line-up changes Brunn has now found the perfect cast for his ensemble . … “

Here´s a link to listen to it.


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