New drummer Manuel Podhostnik (SLO)

At the end of 2023, Diego Pinera (UY) informed us that he will not be able to play with FOR FREE HANDS, which he himself regrets. From his point of view, the reasons include the fact that he has been teaching at two universities since fall 2023 and travels to Dresden and Osnabrück every week.

But this is not really a problem at Melting Post Berlin. The outstanding Manuel Podhostnik (SLO), who lives in Berlin and also works with Roberto Badoglio (I) in several other ensembles, has been playing with us since January 2024. In the meantime, we have already played several very intense concerts together and are looking forward to the next one on Sat. 27.04.2024 at the Nordhäuser Jazzfrühling!
Here you can find the CV of Manuel Podhostnik.

We would like to thank Roberto Zanrosso for the wonderful photos!

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