New Video For Free Hands & Alaa Zouiten @ Jazzclub Schlot

NEW: For Free Hands meets Alaa Zouiten (MAR) Oud, January 13, 2024 Berlin, Jazzclub Schlot

The Dutch video artist Marcel Potters heard our great concert at the “Nordhäuser Jazz Frühling” festival (Jazzclub Nordhausen) on April 26th, 2024 and offered to edit already recorded concerts for us. We are excited about this new collaboration. 🙂

The YouTube premiere of our video recently took place! You can hear/see “Hada Makan” (comp. Alaa Zouiten) recorded on January 13th, 2024 in the jazz club Schlot, which was sold out again. The video captures the incredibly intense atmosphere between the audience and our ensemble! 

Many thanks to Alaa Zouiten and my brilliant colleagues Vladimir Karparov, Roberto Badoglio and Manuel Podhostnik.

Also a big thank you to the team at Jazzclub Schlot!!!

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