Audio Samples

Here there are mp3s of the concert in 2018, which shows the current team with Vladimir Karparov (BG) sax, Diego Piñera (UY) drums, Roberto Badoglio (IT) e-bass & Andreas Brunn (D) guitars!

“Kaleidoscope Freedom” (Comp. Andreas Brunn)

“Birds of passage” (Comp. Andreas Brunn)

“Dracula´s Breakfast” (Comp. Andreas Brunn)

“Wizards Cube” (Comp. Andreas Brunn)


CD “Kaleidoscope Freedom”


1. ”Meeting Of Good Thoughts“ (comp. A.Brunn)

2. “Perpetuum Five″ (comp. A.Brunn)

 3. ”Magic Friday” (comp. A.Brunn)

8. “5th Element” (comp. A.Brunn)

9. ”Dracula´s Breakfast“ (comp. A.Brunn)


Vladimir Karparov (BG) soprano & tenor saxophon | Dimitris Christides (GR) drums, percussion | George Donchev (BG) doublebass | Andreas Brunn (D) 7 string acoustic guitar, e-guitar

rec. SONIC IMPULSE, Sebastian Ohmert