New Video – For Free Hands @ b-flat Berlin 24.02.2020

For Free Hands @ b-flat Berlin 24.02.2020 “Perpetuum 5”

Here is a current For Free Hands video recorded on February 24th, 20 in B-Flat-Berlin.
Perpetuum 5 is one of my favorite compositions (5 x 5/8 + 7/8 or 4/4 :-)) Many thanks to my brilliant colleagues  Vladimir KarparovDiego Pinera and Roberto Badoglio  with whom I can be heard in a wonderful dialogue.

“Perpetuum 5” (Komp. Andreas Brunn)

Thanks also to the team from b-flat and Joe Weinberg for the video. I very much hope that we will experience this kind of concert again soon, whether as a listener or a player. Nothing is as intense as music that arises in a room in the intensive interaction of musicians and of course the audience.

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