JAZZ Thing – CD review of “Kaleidoscope Freedom”

JAZZ Thing

For Free Hands – Kaleidoscope Freedom LAIKA 3510305.2

Those who can count have a clear advantage, and being able to do fractions does not hurt either. 5/8, 7/8 & 13/16 are some of the rhythmic fabrics that together form the outfit of the multicultural Berlin-based quartet FOR FREE HANDS on its new CD “Kaleidoscope Freedom”, and it teems with surprising twists and turns, pitfalls and tricky cliffs.

Biographical references also play a central role, like the openness of the many facets with which they encounter the former city wall. But biography and identity are not all that matter, rather the self-evident certainty with which the quartet drives the various facets of electrified jazz and charges of energy – and also, crucial is the exuberant joy of playing.

Stephan Hentz

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